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you’re going to be…in the same state as me……


we will be in Portland very briefly because we’re flying into there, but then we’re driving to wherever the hell we’re staying (Oceanside, I think?) and I’m not completely sure where that is 

but we should…keep discussing this, if possible

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Uhhhhhh so I completely forgot to tell everyone that I am going out of town on Saturday! My parents and siblings and a bunch of my cousins and I are going to Oregon, which is a big trip for us - I think the last time we left the state for a vacation I was 13. I’m not totally sure where we’ll be staying but it’s somewhere on the coast.

Anyway, I’ll be gone for 8 days and I’m not bringing my computer, but there’s wifi and I’ll have my phone so you can email me if you really want to get ahold of me for some reason. 

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smoo told me to draw zutara week stuff so instead i drew some modern au gaang. sorry for my shitty handwriting.

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omg GRRM why????

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honestly I couldn’t tell I think everyone got high of wildfire fumes (although actually it was probably loras or tywin in gold or silver armor, with the wildfire reflecting off it)

Somehow I doubt it’s Tywin (he probably goes into battle decked out in Lannister colors with lions everywhere to make sure everybody knows who he is) but now I sort of like the idea Loras pulling some Achilles and Patroclus thing and wearing Renly’s actual armor 

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"It was Lord Renly! Lord Renly in his green armor, with the fires shimmering off his golden antlers! Lord Renly with his tall spear in his hand! They say he killed Ser Guyard Morrigen himself in single combat, and a dozen other great knights as well. It was Renly, it was Renly, it was Renly! Oh! the banners, darling Sansa! Oh! to be a knight!”




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Sansa backed away from the window, retreating toward the safety of her bed. I’ll go to sleep, she told herself, and when I wake it will be a new day, and the sky will be blue again. The fighting will be done and someone will tell me whether I’m to live or die. 

cries forever

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She never knew why she got to her feet, but she did. “Don’t be afraid,” she told them loudly. “The queen has raised the drawbridge. This is the safest place in the city. There’s thick walls, the moat, the spikes…”

you are literally perfect

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On the left, Tyrion was surprised to see Podrick Payne, a sword in his hand. “You’re too young,” he said at once. “Go back.”

"I’m your squire, my lord."

Podrick ;_;

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"Stannis may take the city and he may take the throne, but I will not suffer him to judge me. I do not mean for him to have us alive."


"You heard me. So perhaps you had best pray again, Sansa, for a different outcome. The Starks will have no joy from the fall of House Lannister, I promise you." She reached out and touched Sansa’s hair, brushing it lightly away from her neck. 


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Cersei you are drunk and telling a twelve-year-old about emotional baggage from your childhood

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The queen sipped at her wine. “Were it anyone else outside the gates, I might hope to beguile him. But this is Stannis Baratheon. I’d have a better chance of seducing his horse.”

do you remember when she tried to seduce Ned though

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yeah Cersei is basically just unloading all her emotions and fears on to Sansa right now and it’s a very bizarre conversation

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My sons, Davos thought, but there was no way to look for them amidst the roaring chaos.

if they’re all dead i will cry

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Still, Ser Imry had warned them to expect a taste of the alchemists’ vile substance. Fortunately, there were few true pyromancers left. They will soon run out, Ser Imry had assured them.

ahahahahahahahahahaha oh god

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